Final results now online

The Erasmus+ project “Improved Mobility” was successfully completed and closed on 31 March 2020. We are pleased to present the results of the project on this page. Click on the document icon in this article to view and download the “Improved Mobility” final results inEnglish language. Other languages available: German Lithuanian French Italian Spanish

6th transnational Project Meeting 9 and 10 December 2019, Liege

Final Results of the survey with trainees & interviews with institutions All partners discussed the latest state of the survey. After all partners had once again worked extremely focused on achieving the key figures, the news was that in the end 432 of the original 640 questionnaire surveys could be implemented, as well as 46 … Read more

5th transnational Project Meeting, 30 September and 1 October 2019, Kerpen/Cologne

All partners discussed the current state of the survey. Since the total amount of trainees to be surveyed still hasn´t been reached yet, the partners will continue forwarding the questionnaire to trainees after a mobility. Currently, there were 303 out of 640 questionnaires collected. The majority of the partners stated that they were still very … Read more

4th transnational Project Meeting, 3 and 4 June 2019, Vilnius

During the meeting, the current status of the survey was discussed. This took place against the background that now only two target groups were distinguished, namely before and after mobility. As the total number of trainees to be interviewed has not yet been reached, the partners will continue to forward the questionnaire to the trainees … Read more

3rd transnational Project Meeting, 11 and 12 April 2019, Vicenza

All partners discussed the current status of the survey. The majority said that a differentiation of the three target groups (trainees) was difficult to impossible. Therefore it was suggested to change the approach. In this way it would probably be possible to obtain equally significant results. The change should be to reduce the target groups … Read more

February 2019:

The developed questionnaires are now available online and in all five partner languages, German, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian and French. This questionnaire examines the success factors and obstacles of mobility in education throughout Europe.

2nd transnational Project Meeting, 21 and 22 January 2019, Madrid

Within the working phase of the 2nd transnational Project Meeting all partners were discussing contents of the questionnaires, which had to be designed. Furthermore, the contents of the SWOT analyses carried out by every partner in the meantime had been discussed in order to find a suitable questionnaire design with the right questions. In this … Read more

1st transnational Project Meeting, 10 and 11 October 2018, Cologne

Within the working phase of the 1st transnational Project Meeting all partners were discussing standards as well as the procedure/ common goals on which they later agreed. The partners agreed on that they will focus on a research including success factors as well as obstacles. Furthermore they agreed that there should be a SWOT-Analysis for … Read more