2nd transnational Project Meeting, 21 and 22 January 2019, Madrid

Within the working phase of the 2nd transnational Project Meeting all partners were discussing contents of the questionnaires, which had to be designed. Furthermore, the contents of the SWOT analyses carried out by every partner in the meantime had been discussed in order to find a suitable questionnaire design with the right questions.

In this way, the partners initially worked out the contents for the individual questionnaires. All partners agreed to phrase not more than 10-15 questions concerning success factors and obstacles of mobility.

The questionnaires should refer to personality traits as well as to general factors. All questions should be formulated in easy language and the questionnaire should only contain closed questions. In addition, it was discussed how the implementation of the upcoming survey can succeed and by when the questionnaires for the first target group (trainees) have to be prepared. All partners agreed that the questionnaires would be needed promptly.

Furthermore, all agreed to draw up three different questionnaires for the four target groups, such as: 1. Questionnaire: Trainees, 2. Questionnaire: Trainers / VET Centers / Institutions / Associations and 3. Questionnaire: Companies

Furthermore, it was suggested to also interview trainees who are not interested in mobility in order to gain further knowledge about obstacles.