3rd transnational Project Meeting, 11 and 12 April 2019, Vicenza

All partners discussed the current status of the survey. The majority said that a differentiation of the three target groups (trainees) was difficult to impossible. Therefore it was suggested to change the approach. In this way it would probably be possible to obtain equally significant results.

The change should be to reduce the target groups from three to two.

As a result, from now on only trainees should be interviewed after mobility. Since all partners only send their trainees abroad for short stays of about two weeks or less, it turned out to be particularly difficult to interview trainees during their mobility.

The factor of extremely short stays abroad had been underestimated when writing the project application.

In addition, all partners agreed that there was added value in interviewing the next two target groups “trainers / VET centres / institutions / associations” as well as “companies” with qualitative interview guidelines  in order to gain further insights into factors of well-functioning mobilities.