6th transnational Project Meeting 9 and 10 December 2019, Liege

Final Results of the survey with trainees & interviews with institutions

All partners discussed the latest state of the survey.

After all partners had once again worked extremely focused on achieving the key figures, the news was that in the end 432 of the original 640 questionnaire surveys could be implemented, as well as 46 of the forecasted 50 interviews.

All partners agreed that after a long period of hard work, during which it was considered extremely difficult to achieve the survey figures, this could be considered a success.

The core statements and effects of before and after mobility, which could be derived from the survey results, were the following:


  • Before mobility students think they need a higher level of personality traits
    • big differences [0.47 pts] between before/after mobility concerning “intention to grow personality”
    • “supportive social environment” (family/friends)

is considered even more important [0.45 pts] after mobility

The most essential aspect concerning successful stays abroad:

“involvement of families”

  • Potential obstacles:

(external circumstances) were underestimated
before mobility e.g. language obstacles

  • Development opportunities of mobility:
    • Effect on improvement of language
    • Effect on improvement of social communication skills
    • Effect on getting to know other ways of working
  • Most important factor:
    • Preparation work & support are the key of successful mobilities

E.g. checking conditions

All in all a larger range of information about options concerning mobility during an apprenticeship is necessary!